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Character Template

Post by Tasuno Uzumaki on Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:05 pm

characters and custom Jutsu template here! Post your info in another thread.

Name: (Last, then first)

Rank: (this will be determined when your character is approved)

Specialty: (Ninjutsu, genjutsu, weapon mastery?)






Jutsu list:

(you can list existing jutsu here, and then use the Jutsu template for custom Jutsu, all after your basic character is accepted.)

Custom Jutsu template

Name: (the name of the jutsu)

Class: (What kind of jutsu is it)

Style: (what kind of chakra type does this jutsu use, if any?)

Rank: (E for academy level, all the way up to A, or even SS for max level)

Chakra cost: (big, small?)

What does this Jutsu do:


Stat points: (will be determined after your character is approved)

to be distributed in -

Ninjutsu power:
Genjutsu power:
Wisdom (gemjutsu difference) :
Nin( Ninjutsu deference):

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