Clay the Phantom Wolf

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Clay the Phantom Wolf

Post by Tasuno Uzumaki on Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:02 pm

Name: Uchiha, Clay

Rank: Genin

Specialty: Weapon mastery, fire and lightning chakra type.

Likes: Ramen, Dumplings, and Chaos

Dislikes: Rules, Orders

History: Being originally raised in the Hidden Leaf, he lives alone due to his family being killed by a team of rogue ninja.Enrolling in the ninja academy alone was tough. In the end of the day he would just leave the academy on his own to eat at the local Ramen shop every day. Once he had finally graduated, he had to undergo the traditional Uchiha transition to genin. He would not only have to master the fire ball jutsu, but be able to use it right on top of a body of water. He struggled, as all have, but was able to complete the test in a week and a half. This would mean he completed it faster than most Uchiha genin.

Appearance: Is 17 years old, has silver eyes, 6ft.4in. Has a muscular build, usually wearing black jeans and black t-shirt, along with a Black custom jacket. Also wears a bandanna and black, finger-less gloves. His medium-long hair covers his right eye which has a vertical scar on it. His headband is tied around his left arm is a fashion like Shikamaru's


Jutsu list:  (asside from mobility jutsu that everyone will have)
Clone jutsu
Shadow clone jutsu: (2 clone max)
Fire Ball jutsu
Transformation jutsu
Summon jutsu (wolf contract)
Shadow shuriken jutsu
Sharingan (2 marks)
Pheonix flower jutsu

(you can list existing jutsu here, and then use the Jutsu template for custom Jutsu, all after your basic character is accepted.)

Custom Jutsu template


Class: (What kind of jutsu is it)

Style: (what kind of chakra type does this jutsu use, if any?)

Rank: (E for academy level, all the way up to A, or even SS for max level)

Chakra cost: (Value of chakra this takes)

What does this Jutsu do:


Stat points: (will be determined after your character is approved)

to be distributed in -120

Taijutsu/Strength: 25
Ninjutsu power:25
Genjutsu power: 10
Wisdom (gemjutsu difference) : 15
Nin( Ninjutsu deference): 25

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